Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Amazing Team and Latest Happenings 'Round Here!

Meet the amazing group of 13 students that I have the privilege of co-leading on a mission trip to Longido, Tanzania! This is us before we headed out to a nearby city to get our yellow fever innoculations.

Here we go!

"What a minute...just how big is the needle?"

Some cool kids being much braver than me!

A much needed treat after getting shots:)

We've had lots of snow again this winter. Mark and I are really ready for some better weather, but the snow doesn't seem to bother Ethan. One day recently he grabbed our snow shovel and had a grand time on our hill!

Recently the international awareness group on campus that Mark and I help with sponsored a water sale to help raise funds for disaster relief in Haiti.

Above and below are a couple of pictures of BFA's first ever wrestling match. This match was an exhibition, but next year wrestling will be an official BFA sport and our school will compete again DODDS (US Dept. of Defense) schools here in Germany.

Ethan just recently celebrated his 9th birthday with a few friends at a local play place.

Ah the joys of cross cultural living. When we arrived at the play place we were tickled to find "Ephan" on the name tag of our party area. There is no "th" sound in the German language, so people are always having a hard time with Ethan's name:) Memories...

On Valentine's Day, the high school student council hosted a Sadie Hawkins dance. Living in a multicultural community, you never know what hidden talents your coworkers may have. Here are a few people from the BFA community teaching the students traditional Scottish dances. The three pictured here have either served in Scotland, are of Scottish decent or BOTH.

Meredith is enjoying the start up of soccer season and was selected as captain of the junior varsity team. She also just "landed" a solo part in a song the choir is singing for the spring concert. It's none other than "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey...one of my favorite songs from my teenage years. Wow, I feel old!
Evan is on the high school track team (middle schoolers are allowed to participate) and is working on sprints and the high jump. He and his band are still working hard in preparation for a paid gig this spring.
Ethan is still loving life as a 3rd grader and is beginning to develop a love for art and drawing.
Mark and I are ever grateful for your prayers for our ministry and especially for our own children. We are all looking forward to a trip home this summer. We truly hope to see you all during our trip.

Praying God's richest blessings on you and yours,
Susan, Mark, Meredith, Evan and Ethan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Mkapa

We want to introduce you to a young guy who will no doubt capture our hearts in the next few weeks. Meet Mkapa Lekipa Laizer the 6 year old boy that our family is sponsoring through Compassion International. Mkapa lives in Longido, Tanzania. Our hope and prayer is that I (Susan) will be able to meet Mkapa and his family when I travel there on March 24th to co-lead a group of BFA students on a mission trip.
We praise God for providing for us in such a way that we can sponsor Mkapa. I can't wait to meet him and come back home to share with Mark and the kids about him and his family.

We will be serving in Longido, Tanzania. Longido is in the northern part of the country near Arusha and Moshi. We will be serving children from the Maasai tribe. We will be volunteering at the local Compassion site and also at an area primary school. Each day we will be working alongside the teachers in the school helping to teach English. We'll also be doing light construction work and painting murals. Each day at lunch we will teach lessons to the children. Our theme for the week is Love God. Love People.

Would you please pray for our team (and 4 other student teams) that will be traveling from March 24th until April 2nd to various parts of the globe? BFA is sending students to the following places to serve and learn: Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Macedonia, Greece and Central Asia. During the trips, students will be volunteering at orphanages, schools, Compassion sites, homeless shelters and helping to build churches. Please pray that God would use these trips to foster lives of service in our students. Please pray also for God's provision and hand of protection as we travel.
Thank you dear supporters for the ways in which you provide for our family which in turn allows for us (Meredith and me) to go and serve on these trips. Thank you for the generous ways in which you have supported Meredith's trip to Central Asia. We are taking you all along with us in our hearts and minds!
Check back soon for ministry updates from BFA...sadie hawkins dance, high school retreat, soccer, and middle school play just to name a few of our most recent happenings.
Many blessings,
Susan, Mark, Meredith, Evan and Ethan