Monday, December 14, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

You know how the saying goes, right? Time has flown by since our last blog entry. Sorry about that. Life has just been flying by here and we have stayed busy with ministry activities. So, here's an update on what we've been up to over the last six weeks:

In late October, all of BFA converged on downtown Basel to attend the annual Herbstmesse (fall carnival). This carnival actually dates back to the 1400's! The bumper cars are the highlight of the evening. We have so many kids there, that we end up basically taking over the place for a couple of hours. It's hilarious to see students out there trying to plow over their teachers and dorm staff!

Soon after Herbstmesse, the swine flu paid an unwelcome visit to our school. Below is a picture of one of our students who was in quarantine. Eventually, we voluntarily closed school and imposed a quarantine upon ourselves in order to be good neighbors to our community and prevent the spread of it as much as possible.

The swine flu couldn't have come at a worse time. Our annual school play was scheduled for the weekend of our quarantine. Parents were flying in from all over the continent to see their children perform. There was talk of postponing the play, but alas the show went on...

with a few minor adjustments! All of the audience was asked to wear masks while attending. It made for some funny pictures and great memories. Below is me with Janelle (one of my small group girls) who was the star of the play!

We enjoyed a visit from our friend Margaret, who is currently teaching English in a French school about 3 hours away.

Once again this year, we celebrated Thanksgiving in style with Storchenblick dorm. Our family and around 40 of our closest friends gathered around the table and enjoyed wonderful eats and lots of laughter.

The last weekend in November was the annual Christmas banquet. It is quite the event around here. Guys ask the girls, girls get dressed up, lots of awkward moments and get the picture, right? So glad I'm not in high school anymore!

My small group

Mark's small group

We were very blessed to have our sweet friends, the Rheas come for a visit the first weekend in December. They brought with them lots of love, treats and blessings from our home church, St. B's. God is so good to us!

A suitcase of goodies and comforts from home.

St. Nikolaus (aka Robert and Lisa) left treats in the kids shoes on St. Nikolaus Day.

Robert and Lisa celebrating the Eucharist with us with sacraments from St. B's...needless to say I cried through most of the service.

Packing treat bags for dorm kids.

Our first home basketball games were just a couple of weekends ago. We are always so proud of our students...not only for their great effort but also for their tremendous sportsmanship.

Last week, Mark and I hosted our small groups (10 teenagers) for a spaghetti dinner. The girls cooked for the guys and two of the guys made dessert for all of us. I don't think there was a noodle left in the pot!

We are anticipating the arrival of Mark's parents in just two days. We are so thrilled that they will get to be here around Christmas. The holidays can be quite tough being so far from home and in a culture that's not your own. So, we are praising God for His provision of this visit.

We pray that you are enjoying many blessings and great joy this Christmas season. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.
In Him,
Susan, for the family